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Raise, train, care, love, and bond with your dog – as a team. Check out our Free Training Guides to help motivate your dog to listen to you.​

From behavioral, socialization, and obedience training to sports, dock diving, and agility training, we offer a wide range of personalized and effective training services.

Get proven, science-backed positive training techniques, pet-friendly tricks, practical tips, and relationship building content you can trust.

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About Doggie Dojo


Established in 2016, Doggie Dojo is a dog training educational platform, providing a wealth of dog training resources and online dog training services on-demand.

The brainchild of Trevor Smith, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of experience, Doggie Dojo is redefining the art of modern dog training, one dog at a time.

Why Doggie Dojo?

All Your Dog Training & Education Needs Sorted!

Doggie Dojo is an online dog training educational platform that provides practical, proven, and holistic resources and services to help people truly enjoy their life’s journey alongside their furry friend.

Modern Dog Training Techniques

Modern Dog Training Techniques

Whether you’ve just brought a new pup home, are eager to get more involved with your dog’s training, or looking for ways to ensure your pal’s health and happiness, we have you covered!

Wealth of Dog Training Resources

Wealth of Dog Training Resources

Empowering dog owners and elevating the lives of their canine companions, we provide the latest, tried and tested information in an easily accessible manner.

Certified & Experienced

Certified & Experienced

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, he has been educating and training dogs for over two decades now.

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From online dog training content, including virtual dog training courses, informative blog posts, fun, and engaging videos, workshops, and seminars to online private training services, we deliver the full-spectrum of dog education and training resources on-demand.

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Dog Training Community encouraging each other towards our training goals.


Training guides and exclusive courses.


Live Q&A’s with Sensei Trevor on tackling your specific training roadblocks.


Guest Trainers on variety of training topics across all different dog sports. 


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5 Fun Dog Tricks to Help Bond with Your Dog!

5 Fun Dog Tricks to Help Bond with Your Dog!

Our dogs love us and want to be with us. Then why not go for something that will get your dog thinking and having fun…