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Puppy Training

There’s no better time to train dogs than when they’re young. 

From teaching you how to communicate with your bud and focusing on basic skills to teaching socialization and desired behaviors, we cover all important aspects in puppy training. 

Obedience Training

You sure want your furry friend to have house manners and fit perfectly in your and your loved ones’ lives, don’t you?

This is where obedience training comes in. It includes basic and advanced obedience training to ensure your pup acts as a good citizen and doesn’t have any behavioral problems.

Trick Training

There’s no better way to form a deep bond, show off how cool you both are, and have endless fun than trick dog training.

We help you develop a special language between you and your pal, engaging and entertaining you and everyone around you.

We teach specific dog tricks, including high-five, spin, weave, crawl, play dead, spin, take a box, and many more.

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Online dog training

Whether you’ve just brought a new puppy home or want to train and bond with your canine friend, we have just the private dog training services you are looking for.

Dog Sports Foundations

Focus, Handling, Obedience, and Canine Fitness: Agility. Dock Diving. Disc Dog. Fast CAT.

These are the skills essential for dog sports. We help your canine companion master all of these in a carefully designed training program, ensuring your dog can not only participate but also perform. 

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