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Professional qualifications for your peace of mind​

In an unregulated industry, choosing a dog trainer can be confusing and stressful. Doggie Dojo owner and trainer Trevor Smith voluntarily holds his Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed designation from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an independent organization dedicated to setting high professional standards for the training industry. To gain this certification, trainers submit a detailed application documenting professional experience and references, and pass a comprehensive professionally-administered exam.

CCPDT-certified trainers must then pursue ongoing continuing education credits each year. Trevor happily complies with this requirement, seeking out professional development opportunities by attending the annual Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference and regularly participating in weekend seminars with many of the most widely recognized and respected trainers in the industry.

Humane, science-based training for your peace of mind, too

Leading organizations such as The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have issued clear public statements against the use of force, pain, or intimidation in professional dog training, and many decades of science have proven the efficacy of positive-based training. Unfortunately, many trainers continue to use outdated training techniques such as leash corrections, choke or prong collars, electronic shock collars, and other aversive punishment-based methods.

With Doggie Dojo, you can rest assured that we use only humane, positive, force-free, science-based dog training techniques. We want you to enjoy the best possible training results, and feel equally good about how they were achieved.

Commitment to client care

We strive to customize your experience with us, always seeking to match our services to your needs and over-deliver wherever possible. Your training plan will be specific to your training goals, your dog, and your lifestyle. Have children and want them to be involved in the training process? Nothing makes us happier. Terribly busy and prefer the training to be done for you? We’d love to. However your training program is designed, it will always include prompt communication, reliable service, and a professional, friendly face.

Trevor Smith, Owner & Lead Trainer

When not training dogs or pursuing continuing education, Trevor joins his veterinarian wife in caring for and enjoying their animal menagerie. In addition to the Doggie Dojo Dogs, Daisy and Simon, they share their home with lizards and snakes and various birds. Also chickens and kinkajous (a prehensile tailed animal from South America) and a very fastidious citified pot-bellied pig named Cashew.

On the rare occasions they leave their personal zoo behind, Trevor and Malari (aka Dr. Howell) have been known to undertake adventures ranging from zip lining to scuba diving to sampling haunted houses. Closer to home, they enjoy canine agility, therapy dog work, dog-accompanied hikes, and preparing for the zombie invasion by finely honing their video game skills.

The Doggie Dojo Dogs


A rescued Border Collie, Daisy enjoys bragging rights for achieving her Excellent Class Dog in AKC Agility. She uses her natural Border Collie skills to keep all Doggie Dojo staff rounded up and busy.


As a tripod who knows something about overcoming difficult times, Simon devotes his canine work hours to helping others as a therapy dog volunteer. He holds his Canine Good Citizen certificate and is a Divine Canine Therapy Pet. Simon is a rescued Terrier mix.

Compassionate and knowledgeable”

“Trevor is a compassionate person and is incredibly knowledgeable about canine behavior and training. He is a great dog trainer and human teacher, which makes him that much more of an asset to the community.” ”


Stacy Greer, Dog Trainer & Behavior Therapist

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