New Unconventional Approach Transforms Your Dog Into a Well-Behaved and Obedient Pet Without Treats in 7 Days or Less
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Do You Want to Finally Have the Dog of Your Dreams... a dog That ALWAYS Listens, Behaves Calmly In All Situations, and Makes You Proud to Show Off to Your Friends?

Safe Off-Leash

A dog you can leave off-leash and feel safe they will come when called every time

Calm Walks

A dog that walks calmly and is always looking at you instead of barking at other dogs

Always Listens

A dog that listens to you both at home and outside... despite all distractions

No Treats

Your dog behaves for you with or without training treats

What Dog Owners Say About Trevor Smith

Most Training Programs Show You How to Train Your Dog with Food...But Not How to Train Without It

Maybe you’ve taken your dog to the park, and couldn’t let him off-leash because he never listens when you call him back?

Or even worse, maybe you were that person… the embarrassed one chasing their dog around the park when it’s time to leave.

You have tried all sorts of treats from bacon to leftover steak…but your dog still won’t listen.

You have probably noticed that most training programs show you how to train your dog with food…but do not show you how to train without it or teach you the steps to phase it out.

I want you to learn the secrets of how to raise a forever obedient dog…no matter if you have treats or a toy! And I want you to feel like an accomplished and caring dog parent.

You deserve a dog that…

Meet Trevor Smith

Hi. I’m Trevor Smith, a certified professional dog trainer from Texas – who specializes in dog performance sports training in agility, dock diving, trick dog, barn hunt, and more.

I’ve been helping dogs owners for over 20 years. I have been asked to speak at international dog training conferences, create training programs for American Kennel Club, and develop trick routines for Nationals Television Shows.

If you need to get your dog to listen to you without treats, all you need is a little guidance, and a little bit of time to dedicate to your pet. 

The Most Simple and Unusual Positive Reinforcement Methodology to Get Your Dog to Listen to You Without Treats

Do you want to have a dog you can leave off-leash and feel safe she will come when called every time without you carrying a bag of treats?

Do you want a dog that walks calmly and is always looking at you instead of barking at other dogs?

Unlike other heavily treats-driven courses out there, Reward Reboot rewires your dog’s brain to be on the lookout for stronger rewards such as playtime and the owner’s affection.

You will see me transform my wife’s French Bulldog Miko from an insanely food-motivated pup into a toy, touch, and verbal praise-driven dog.

Learn easy-to-follow games you can play anywhere, anytime and see the transformation in your dog too.

You will feel confident that from now on your dog will always feel attached to you regardless of the distractions.

In my unique program, I will share with you specially designed games that use positive reinforcement to quickly create new conditioning in your dog’s brain so he craves your attention and playtime.

Here's What You Get

When you sign up to Reward Reboot you get immediate access to:

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with Reward Reboot for any reason whatsoever… just return it within the first 30 days

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